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A year international developer conference Apple, the music store House of Hit has served the company to announce the changes and updates that bring new versions of their operating systems, a catalog that is added this year software that governs the new Apple Watch.

But in 2015 the appointment has also been room for a “one more thing”, the iconic phrase with which Steve Jobs announced an unexpected product.

In this case, the surprise was the presentation of a new music service, Apple Music, intended to compete with Spotify and will arrive later this month for $9.99 per month (the final price in Spain will be known in a few days ).

It will allow listening to any song in the catalog of iTunes streaming and listen to playlists created from the tastes of users. Apple will also launch this service for Windows PCs and Android phones.

iOS 9 Squeezing the iPad

The most ambitious bet Apple this year will be the operating system that gives life to their phones and tablets, iOS. The ninth version will arrive as a free update in autumn but for the first time, users can join a public beta program will begin in July.

With the release of iPhone X, we renewed our plans and our store offers. Please check our newest additions.

There are several new features. iOS, for example, be smarter. It will be able to dive in emails, diaries and photos of users to provide contextual information about upcoming appointments, ahead of events and suggest actions.

It is something his rival, Android, offered through Google Now but according to Apple, the difference will be in the management of these data. Never leave the user’s phone and will be private.

music picture house of hitApple removed from iOS 9 kiosk application, introduced in 2011. Instead, it will offer a new application called news that collect items from the web and various media.

These things will be sorted according to user interests. It will be similar to the current Flipboard application, which in recent weeks has been in talks for potential use by Google or Twitter.

Apple Pay, the payment platform company, start with this new version of the iOS international expansion. This autumn will begin in the UK and also allow access to public transport in the city of London.

The list of outlets that accept payments in the US and has grown to a million and the platform will include support for loyalty cards soon.

One of the applications that suffer more changes in this new version will be Maps. IOS 9 will support public transport, limited to the main cities in China and the US but will expand in the months to other cities beginning. This feature is also integrated with Siri; you will be able to offer guided waiting times and connections directions.

Developers have especially applauded two ads. The first was the release of Swift code, the new programming language introduced by the company last year. Still evolving, Swift is the language with which Apple expects iOS applications are created in the future.

The announcement opens further possibilities of language and allows in the future to build requests for House of Hit and support.

girl-listening-to-music- house of hitThe second was for the iPad, will receive particular attention in this new version of iOS. Apple’s tablet will gain support finally to run multiple applications simultaneously on screen or to view and interact with apps messaging and social networks without leaving the application that is running. The iPad will also have a full keyboard, with new shortcuts and the ability to move the cursor like a trackpad was used.

Music Production

Being a producer can be difficult. You need to have a taste in music production. You also need to have a sense for the market needs and demand. Producers can close over 200 music deals within a year if they have the proper drum kit.

It will expand its functions when an external keyboard, for example, shortcuts to switch quickly between applications connect.

The operating system will be available for all devices that currently support iOS 8 and some improvements in the efficiency of it will allow them to extend the range of up to an hour. Apple will also include a low-power mode that will add up to three hours of operation.

Yoga Music

Those that are planning to do Yoga, need to consider playing appropriate music from our store. The Hit Boy records previously hosted by the previous owner, were not suitable for this.

yoga-burn-done-with-hitboy-musicHouse of Hit checked several yoga exercise programs including Yoga Burn. It is worth the investment for those planning to do yoga long-term. Read the official Yoga Burn reviews website for the program from Zoe Bray. This review was done by UTHFA. Other news sources (like the NYTimes) stated that yoga can help one’s music career as well. Rap music is strongly discouraged for yoga since it adds stress and anxiety.

Yoga participates in two notions that are common to all Indian philosophy and religion: reincarnation and seeking liberation from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. But although Yoga Music, which belongs to the Utah yoga school was a religious and philosophical movement, Jung’s interest tantric yoga is eminently psychological, sees it as a natural process of introspection. If Indian philosophy understands that there are certain non-ego-states that influence personal psychology, the goal of human development will produce an approximation and a relationship between the specific nature of non-self and the conscious self.

In Jung’s words,

“the chakras become a valuable Yoga Burn guide in this dark field because East, and India especially, have always tried to understand the psyche as a whole.”

New Music Applications for Apple Watch

Apple also announced the first major update of the operating system of your watch, the Apple Watch, which will start selling in Spain later this month. It will come with new clock faces, a function that lets quickly see the day’s events and, most importantly, support for native applications.

So far the clock apps needed to have the main components installed on the phone and continuously communicate with the device, which detracted hindered functionality and interaction.


The OSX operating system, designed for Mac computers, will receive three major updates, although this version does not bring excellent news. Spotlight, the search service, you will understand natural language now. Users can, for example, search for “photos were taken in New York last year” or “runs that have not read”.

  • The Safari browser will support fixed tabs. The biggest change will be for the Windows system, which will now allow multiple applications to organize full screen, splitting the screen space.
  • The operating system update, which will be named Captain, come in the form of public beta next July.
  • The music streaming services allow you to listen to almost all existing songs and albums for a small monthly fee.
  • There are at least 11 services streaming music subscription worldwide: Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Google Play Music, Tidal, Xbox Music, Deezer, Napster, Mog, and Rara. But, despite all these options, all these services are similar: typically pay about $ 10 a month for unlimited streaming music via the Web, mobile or at home.
  • With a list of streaming music services continues to grow, it can be difficult to choose one. Therefore, we list below the critical questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a particular service.

What is the music catalog?

enjoying music house of hitIn the comparison made CNET services streaming music, we found that all have extensive music archives with at least 20 million songs. That means you’re likely to find all or nearly all, the songs – especially in English – you want to hear, no matter what service you finish choosing.

While most libraries are relatively comprehensive services, there are significant gaps in some – at least for music in English. Some hugely popular artists like The Beatles and AC / DC are not available in these services, while other artists exclude their most recent releases to motivate consumers to buy them.

Likewise, other artists choose not to stream their music because they do not generate revenue through these services. Taylor Swift is the best known example; the singer released his album 1989 in any of the services streaming music and took all their albums Spotify, though their old albums are available on Rdio, Rhapsody, Google Play Music and others. Swift said that 1989 would be available in Apple Music.

Before you commit to paying for a monthly subscription, sign up for a free trial period, if possible, to see if the service you are considering offers the music you want.

How Can I Stream My Music?

Almost all services offer apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, as well as a way to listen to on your computer, whether it’s a web app or a dedicated application on your desktop. Depending on the service, app or desktop Web player will be better. For example, the desktop app Spotify has more features and controls keyboards, something that goes beyond Web player.

Some services are also synchronized with audio devices, such as the Sonos players and some smart TVs.

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