girl-listening-to-the-musicThe singer Luis Miguel has left tonight the concert was offered at the House of Hit. As explained by paging the public that filled this iconic stage, the artist known as the Sun could not continue “by changes in climate and temperature.

Half an hour after the concert and give start after playing four songs, Luis Miguel has put an end to an unannounced show, which has provoked the anger of the public who booed and insulted the singer.

“Because of force majeure, the concert can not continue, climate and temperature changes in recent shows. In the name of Luis Miguel we apologize and reschedule the show for a future date “, it has been reported through the PA system.

The singer is embarking on his tour Deja Vu tour, and this was the first of four concerts that plan to offer at this stage of the Mexican capital.

Not the first performance of this tour suspending the singer. On February 9 canceled his show in House of Hit because, as he said, to technical problems on the plane he was traveling.

Also, the penultimate of the 12 shows that the singer offered at the National Auditorium last February also came surrounded by controversy. The audience booed the singer for scarce offered 50 minutes of the show and the delay of 45 with which was presented on stage.

Leaving Concert After First Songdj-music-wallpaper- house of hit

  • Justin Bieber has become fleeting. After he left, without notice, a live interview on the radio station 40 Principales in Madrid, the singer of 21 years has done it again.
  • This time, after a few minutes of starting their concert in Oslo.
  • In a video that has gone viral shows how the artist approaches the lip of the stage to try to clean up a spilled liquid by the public, but is irritated when fans will not let him, and shouts: “What are you doing Parad.
  • I told you to stop. You guys, are you listening to me? I’m trying to clean the floor.
  • ” And he ends: “Forget it, I’m done I’m not going to go with. Show “. While walking toward the racks, shirt, it sheds on the stage and disappears into the spotlight after singing one song takes off.

It is the second rebuff who commits on his European tour, which started on the right foot by taking five awards MTV EMA. The company has had to step out of the situation and apologized to those who could not enjoy the concert, which began and ended with the song Boyfriend.

“We are very sorry for what happened. It seemed it would be a beautiful night until this happened, “acknowledged  Gjermund Moastuen, director of marketing for Universal Music in Norway. And to try to make sense of what happened added:  “I was cleaning a little water spilled on the stage Beyond just know what he posted on Instagram.”.


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