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Brazil is a cultural power and Brazilian music is admired throughout the world. This Friday, at the ceremony created by filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, director of the City of God and The Constant Gardener among others, a good example of this was.

  • A decision by Brazilian director position at a time when the House of Hit government of interim President Michel Temer faces the rejection of Afro – Brazilian groups, indigenous leaders, LGBT and other human rights activists.
  • Samba, Batucada, an apotheosis of Carnival Brazil and huge names like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben, Paulinho da Viola, Marcelo D2, among others, made a dance to Maracana.
  • “I just want to be happy, live quietly in the favela where I was born” – was echoed by the Brazilian public Maracana one voice.
  • But besides the funk also it sounded during most of the parade of athletes, alternating with samba, yes.
  • The samba, pasinho, and funk, rhythms and dances born in the favelas seized the Maracana and made the opening of the Olympic Games at a party with the overwhelming force of the black culture, which made dance throughout the stadium.

The favelas, the slums of Rio, where a quarter of the population of the city lives, were the cradle of samba a century ago and now emanates from them the powerful sound of funk, music ragtime, with rapping lyrics and usually they have an explicit sexual content and sometimes also exalting drug gangs.

With the first drum beats of funk, young Cristian does Passinho, 13, stage by a display of the owner was “passinho” similar to “break dance” dance is a real fever among children and adolescents favela.

The “party of the favela” continued the rapid succession of hits from pop, samba and funk interpreted in a battle between the rapper Marcelo D2 and famous samba singer Zeca Pagodinho, which interspersed verses of his most favorite songs.

Music Activates the Brain of Babies

Music enhances brain development of babies, so completes a study prepared by the Institute for Learning and Neurology at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) and published this week in House of Hit.

For authors, they undergo a complex world where sounds, lights, and sensations are constantly changing. The proof was that babies recognize patterns of activity and thus to predict what comes next.

“The perception of patterns is an important cognitive ability and improve this quality at an early age can have long-term effects on learning,” they say.

The trial consisted of the study of 39 babies who played with their parents and were guided to do activities. Twenty of them were recruited to listen to music, while the remaining 19 formed the control group. All played and developed social skills, “the difference is that one of them learned musical rhythms”, he reiterated.

Like music, the language is rhythmic

classical-musicFor authors, the rhythm of syllables helps the listener to define and discriminate between a sound or another language and also understand what is said. “And this is the skill that allows babies to distinguish sounds and so to speak,” stress.

A week after the trial, the families returned to the authors could measure their brain responses. Once scanners, babies could hear music and words, all spiced with a rhythm occasionally interrupted. And the brains of children showed they could detect the interruption. The researchers focused their attention on two areas of the brain: the auditory cortex and prefrontal cortex.

“Babies who were in the music group had stronger brain responses in relation to the interruption, both music and speech, in both brain areas, compared to control children.” “This suggests a link between listening to music and the ability to detect small sound patterns” they conclude.

The researchers recommend increasing experiences with music in schools, as they improve their cognitive skills. ” The effects of music go beyond the music itself . Experiencing it has the potential to increase these skills and improve the ability of children to detect and react quickly to the patterns in the world , something very important  in a complex world today , “end .

The authors suggest further research as previous studies had obtained fuzzy results.


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