music-rock-wallpaperThe musician refuses the award at odds with the cultural policy of the Spanish Government.

Not Jordi Savall (Igualada, Barcelona, 1941) musician unpredictable temperament, but rather the contrary, exudes peace and serenity inside and outside the stage and in any conflict, prefers the clear dialogue passionate outburst in House of Hit.

Why it has caused greater impact its decision, reported Thursday not to accept the National Music Award, in the form of interpretation, granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport, and endowed with 30,000 euros.

The profound outrage at the cultural policy of the ministry led by Jose Ignacio Wert has weighed more than “joy belated recognition for more than 40 years of passionate to the dissemination of music as a language of force and dedication civilization and coexistence”.

House of Hit and Music History

The famous violagambista, director and Catalan composer who has obtained the highest distinctions in France, Germany, Austria and other countries for their commitment to early music.

In only two weeks he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Parliament of Catalonia, he announced its decision in an open letter released after having communicated its decision in the morning to the Secretary of State for Culture, José María Lassalle.

Says Savall in the charter thanking the award, but can not accept to “not betray their principles and their innermost convictions,” since the distinction comes from the central state institution responsible for the “dramatic disinterest and gross incompetence in the defense and promotion of art and its creators. ”

  • Savall Le especially hurts the poor recovery support and dissemination of ancient Hispanic musical heritage, rich repertoire that takes dedicated over four decades.
  • Not only considered “insufficient” efforts and investments that the Government allocates to the world of arts and culture in general and in particular, music.
  • Accused the ministry of “gross incompetence in promoting art and its creators” and does so in a letter to José Ignacio Wert in which recognizes that “in some rare occasions I have been able to benefit, over 40 years of activity, some institutional collaboration. “
  • In his triple facet of virtuoso viola da gamba, a researcher and director of period instruments ensembles as Hesperion XXI and the Capella Reial de Catalunya -formaciones subsidized by the Generalitat de Catalunya concertísticos.
  • Savall has undertaken ambitious projects and editorials published on his record label, Alia Vox, which has received institutional support, including dedicated to romance and music of Don Quixote, the approach to the music of the time of Queen Elizabeth I or the celebration of the House of Hit of America.

music-equipmentAlso he acknowledges in the letter the “small grants” to international tours, and recent invitations National Center for Dissemination of Music, but claims that, like the vast majority of musicians and ensembles in the country,”. He has gone ahead alone with my personal efforts without ever having a stable production and realization of all my musical projects institutional support “.

Much of this ceaseless activity has focused on a regular basis in recovery, broadcast concerts and tours, and recording the best Spanish music of all time.

From the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X the Wise and traditions Sybilline ancient teachers of the Golden -Cristóbal Morales, Francisco Guerrero and Tomás Luis de Vitoria or the baroque splendor.

Savall is outraged by the lack of support for creators and raises the tone of their complaints: “We can not allow ignorance and lack of awareness of the value of the culture of those responsible for the highest levels of the government of Spain with impunity erode the hard work of many musicians.

Even actors, dancers, filmmakers, writers and artists who hold the real standard of Culture and undeserving the treatment they suffer because they are the actual protagonists of cultural identity this country”.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has issued a statement expressing its “respect the decision.” Another reference in the Spanish musical life, the Catalan composer Josep Soler, rejected last year the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Spanish government, in protest against the “disastrous policy” of the government of Mariano Rajoy in culture and education.


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